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New Site, Tennessee REIN

The 3D Palette is happy to announce the start of the new website for TN REIN, a non-profit in Middle Tennessee dedicated to helping horses. The 3D Palette has donated this service and a complete site for their auction, too! Tennessee REIN website

New site, Milner Body Works!

The 3D Palette is happy to announce the latest site, Milner Body Works in Canton, GA! Milner Body Works website

New websites and new work

I am blessed, I have several new projects in the works. First, TNREIN, a non-profit group to help Middle Tennessee horses is ramping up for their first fundraiser. I have donated a website to auction, and I donated my services in redoing their own website!
In addition, I have started Milner Body Works, an exsiting site that needed a complete overhaul.
Plus, I am negotiating for at least one, possibly 2 new contracts for the near future!
So, the future is looking bright for The 3D Palette! I am so happy to be doing websites and actually starting to make a living at it!

Milner Body Works

Newest website

New website in progress!Triangle J Farm

Sad news

It is with a heavy heart that The 3D Palette must report that a good friend's horse passed away during the night last night after an intestinal illness. If you would like to help her out with what is now a 5 figure vet bill, please consider donating directly to the vet clinic. Details on Vander's page

The 3D Palette!

The 3D Palette, websites for serious equestrians.

Website I have done

Salome' Belly Dancer in San Diego, available for events Salome' Belly Dancer

Website I have done

Another one of mine The Hairy Pottery

Websites I have done

Another website I have done. Olivander's Magic Wand


Here is another website I have done Kay Scott Imagery
Here is another website I have done Bellatrix Beshert.
Here are some of my websites that I have done. Go With It Farm